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Zero Peroxide is a fast-working 20 minute home teeth whitening kit that is free from any side effects or irritations due to its non-peroxide formula which is fully compliant with all EU regulations.

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The Zero Peroxide formula is based on 35% sodium bicarbonate but also includes sodium fluoride to help strengthen teeth enamel and provide longer lasting results. There are also several natural additions to the formula such as aloe vera and pomegranate to provide all-round oral health and better, faster working whitening.

The kit itself is unique as it contains super soft comfort mouth trays that require no boiling water and let more of the included LED light through for faster results. Customers also get a touch-up pen as standard as well a waterproof travel bag, mouth tray holder, full instructions and a shade guide.

There is free worldwide tracked delivery as standard and every kit comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee, one of the longest in the industry! All in all Zero Peroxide is the complete teeth whitening package that offers your surfers incredible value for money.

In a recent survey of adults, the most common response to this question was “Whiter and brighter teeth”. Celebrity culture and the obsession with perfection reveals that today’s consumers desire a whiter shade of teeth than what dentists think is naturally acceptable!

Cosmetic dentistry is the biggest growing area in dentistry and the desire for the perfect smile ensures that the demand for this market continues to grow, with the tooth whitening market now worth approximately £40 million, and with Americans spending an annual 1.4 billion dollars on tooth whitening products.

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