W Hamond is the finest quality Jewellery from the original Whitby Jet Store established in 1860. An award winning collections and manufacturers of the finest quality Whitby Jet Earrings, Pendants, Rings and Earrings, including the world’s largest collection of Antique Jet Jewellery.

We offer 15% commission on all sales with low to high priced products which can give you a very lucrative income!

This niche is massive, in the UK alone every day 1000’s of people are searching for products we sell online, see some of the search queries for yourself:

– jewelry / jewellery stores – 110,000 searches per month (in UK alone),

– cheap jewellery – 12,000 searches per month (in UK alone),

– silver jewellery – 9,900 searches per month (in UK alone),

– sterling silver jewellery – 8,100 searches per month (in UK alone),

– black diamond ring – 14,800 searches per month (in UK alone),

– black ring – 18,800 searches per month (in UK alone),

– wngagement ring – 33,100 searches per month (in UK alone),

– wedding ring – 22,200 searches per month and there’s plenty more….

Worldwide Shipping & GEO IP Currency

We want to work with affiliates from all around the world hence have added multi-currency options with GEO IP targeting, which will display to customers their local currency depending on their location.

We’ve been in business for more than 150 years, originally started as ‘’Whitby Jet Shop’’ and know what the quality in this sector means, so be assure that your referred visitors always get the very highest quality products with excellent customer support.

We are looking to affiliate with content affiliates, bloggers, comparison and voucher sites that can add real value to the business and strengthen our brand online.

All W. Hamond applications are carefully reviewed before giving access to the tracking links but do expect great support once you become this programs affiliate!

Thanks to the Paydot’s hub tracking technology, you will be credited for sales tracked from jurawatches.co.uk and cwsellors.co.uk store too, even if the customer uses only your W Hamond tracking link.