Vedanate is an online store selling natural herbal supplements. Our products help to reduce blood glucose level in people suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Thanks to our affiliate program webmasters have ability to earn by helping people suffering from type II diabetes. We have all necessary tools for webmasters (text links, wide choice of banners in English and German) to productively work together.

Top 5 benefits when working with us:

– High conversion,

– Wide choice of banners,

– Detailed reports,

– Bi-weekly payouts and variety of payout methods,

– Affiliate support (technical and analytical).

We understand affiliate needs and always work in a way which is beneficial to both parties!

Vedanate products are based on plant origin, which is used as a nutritional supplement across the world. This preparation contains no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.

Vedanate can improve an overall health and help to reduce blood sugar level, as well as has been proven to be effective to treat diabetes. Our product is developed to improve lives of people with diabetes problems around the world.

Diabetes is widespread amongst people, regardless of wealth, status and interests and affiliates can work with different kinds of traffic to promote our brand.

Due to the increasing numbers of diabetes in the UK and other countries, it is obvious that the market for diabetic-friendly supplements will continue to grow. Until diets change and people begin to go back to a healthier lifestyle and diet, diabetes will continue to be a problem.

People should use our products because they offer real, measurable help against rising blood sugar levels.

Our site is available in German, English and we are targeting people aged from around 25 to 60 living in Europe. To further help you convert traffic, we also offer 24/7 support via LIVE chat feature.