Hepatitis B and C are two commonly caused diseases all over the world and has some serious impact upon the health. Thanks to the development of medical science, there are some advanced treatments of Hepatitis B and C available which can help in curing the diseases.

Here are the common treatments of Hepatitis B which a patient may go for, only after taking the advice of a medical practitioner:

  • Entecavir: It proves effective against Hepatitis B infection that is featured by oral replication.
  • Interferon alpha-2b: This can be used to treat patients of age one year or more who are suffering from compensated liver disease.
  • Telbivudine: This is mainly used for adult patients. It comes useful for cases of serum aminotransferases and diseases that are histologically active.

Now, here are the common treatments for Hepatitis C which a patient may go for, only after taking the advice of a medical practitioner:

  • Ribavirin: It can be used for the treatment of Hepatitis C, being combined with Pegasys or Roferon. It can only be used for people who have not been previously treated with interferon alpha.
  • Daclatasvir: This, when taken in a dosage of 60mg, can be effective in the treatment of Hepatitis C. However, it is not applicable for people who have untreated cirrhosis.
  • Ledipasvir/Sofosbuvir: It is an NS5B polymerase inhibitor which helps in preventing the genotype infection in adult subjects.
  • Infergen: It is used to treat Hepatitis C those who have compensated liver disease and possess anti-HCV serum antibody in the blood.

So, as you can see, there can be different treatments for Hepatitis B and C and they are case-specific. They depend on the medical history of the patient, his age and other such factors. For more information about this subject click on this linkĀ http://www.worldhepatitisalliance.org/viral-hepatitis/prevention-diagnosis-treatment-hepatitis-b-and-c