Breakthrough affordable Tinnitus treatment with our portable device; giving relief from Tinnitus in 8-12 weeks. 10% of people are affected by Tinnitus (chronic ringing in the ears) which significantly affects quality of life; this is over 6,000,000 people in the UK alone. We have developed a product that can significantly reduce patients Tinnitus. We have treated over 500 people already and are looking for new avenues to market our device and treatment.

Our treatment method has been developed with the latest research from a leading Tinnitus research institute in Finland, The Helsinki Ear Institute- who we are now partnered with us.

Our commission package is strong, sitting at 10% for and outright purchase, which is £60 per sale or 25% of the rental price per month. Fees for the rental are ongoing for a minimum of three months and you will receive a 10% commission for every month that they rent the device. We then hope they find the device works as it does and they purchase it outright.

The reason why this treatment has so much potential is because of it’s affordability and risk-free nature. Conventional Tinnitus treatments average around £5,000, whereas we offer treatment at just £39.99/m (with a minimum of 3 months- as results are generally seen between 8-12 weeks); making our treatment more accessible to the greater market. Other treatments can involve surgery and various side effects that limit their attractiveness, whereas our treatment is risk free (backed by many clinical publications).

We sell a device that stimulates the Vagus Nerve through a clip on electrode, without the need for surgery. Invasive (through surgery) Vagus Nerve Stimulation was approved for drug resistant epilepsy in the EU in 1994 and FDA approved in USA in 1997. Clinical observations later led to VNS therapy being approved for treatment of depression both in the EU (2001) and USA (2005). More recently research conducted in Finland and number of other countries have shown the beneficial effects this therapy has on sufferers of Tinnitus.

Conventional Vagus Nerve Stimulation involves surgery to implant an electrode around the nerve through making an incision in the neck and chest. Transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation (tVNS- what we offer) does not involve surgery and uses the fact that the Auricular Branch of the Vagus Nerve (ABVN) supplies the skin of the outer ear. The ‘SaluStim’ device from the Tinnitus Treatment Centre can stimulate the vagus nerve without surgery by clipping an electrode to the tragus of the outer left ear. Stimulating this area using the device for 1h a day along with Sound Therapy adjusted to the patient’s tinnitus has been shown to give them a significant reduction based on tinnitus handicap scores.

Affiliates may be interested in this offer because:

1. There is a large market potential of 74,000,000 in Europe (initial target market of tinnitus sufferers)

2. Potential of high returns with a continual % of monthly subscription revenue

3. Experienced Merchant Contact- readily available for all your advertising needs

4. Social Business – feel good knowing that every sale is another person who’s life you have made better