One of the earliest and still the best comprehensive news sites on the Web is available from The News & Observer is an online information service provided at no charge by the Charlotte News and Observer. The scope of its coverage is not in any way local or regional. The News & Observer covers the broad range of national and international news and politics.

The News & Observer and are also noted for their technological savvy. The News & Observer is available in a Java version. The News & Observer Web page contains a java applet that works headlines. The News & Observer’ stories often contain links to a variety of multimedia, including photos and/or video files.

The News & Observer even includes a high-tech version of a Sunday favorite: the Classifieds. The News & Observer’ Classifieds Online contains a full text search capability that will make looking for that specific item much easier on your eyes. Classifieds Online can be accessed form links on The News & Observer.