One of the main branches of engineering, Software engineering is involved in writing programs using computers and other electronic devices to implement various functionalities. Starting from the bots to the pumps helping in water flow- everything can be controlled with the help of software engineering.

There are different phases that are involved here:

  • Analysing the Requirements: First, it is important to know the requirements so that the software can be developed accordingly or the program can be written accordingly.
  • Designing: The designing part is the next crucial part where the layout of what is to be done and how it is to be done, is drawn.
  • Coding: One of the most important parts of software engineering, coding involves the writing of codes and programming to achieve our desirables.
  • Testing: Next, testing is done in order to check whether the software is being able to produce the desired outputs. If errors are detected, they are to be corrected so that the software can function properly.
  • Debugging: Debugging involves the detection of bugs (if present) and repetition of the previous steps according to the needs of the project.

Software engineering has its widespread applications in various spheres such as:

  • E-Commerce: Online shopping has made it easier for us to buy things sitting at the comfort of our home. And this has been possible due to the application of software engineering.
  • Embedded Systems Programming: Embedded Systems programming involves the programming of a chip and embedding it into a device that is designed to perform certain functions, such as a microwave or a washing machine. All these devices are capable of performing actions according to our needs because they are programmed to do so.
  • Management: Management of a school, a library or a departmental store can be easily done with the help of software engineering.