SnoreMeds manufactures and retails an anti-snoring mouthpiece which comes in two sizes Original Fit for men and a Small Fit for women.

SnoreMeds™ manufactures and distributes their anti-snoring mouthpiece worldwide to help customers who suffer from snoring and light obstructive sleep apnea.

SnoreMeds™ is a custom-fitted mouthpiece that you wear while you sleep. It is highly effective with 85% of snoring sufferers. The anti-snoring mouthpiece works by gently moving the lower jaw 3-5mm forward, opening the throat and keeping the airway unobstructed.

Snoring is usually caused by a partial obstruction of the upper airway behind the tongue. When we’re awake, our breathing is unobstructed as our body consciously keeps our upper airway open. But when we’re asleep, the muscles around our airway relax, and the airway often becomes narrower. For most people who snore, air rushing through the narrowed opening causes the soft tissue in this part of the upper airway to vibrate, making the sound of what we call snoring.

The material used in the manufacturing of the SnoreMeds™ anti-snoring mouthpiece is approved by the FDA for medical and dental use and is BPA and Latex free.

The mouthpiece is made of a thermal hyper allergenic plastic, when submerged in boiling water and inserted into the mouth it creates a customized dental impression of your teeth and jaw. It is easy to custom mold, and comfortable to wear.

The SnoreMeds™ anti-snoring mouthpiece is designed with two holes to make it easier to swallow during the night, it prevents any build-up of excess saliva as well as enabling emergency breathing (through the mouth) if the nasal passages are blocked. It comes with a spatula which fits uniquely into the holes to keep them open during the molding process.

It is advisable to keep the spatula as it is easy to insert back into the holes when the mouthpiece needs to be cleaned with a tooth brush and tooth paste. Each pack contains an anti-bacterial container for storage of the mouthpiece when not in use.

The anti-snoring mouthpiece needs to be replaced every 3-4 months as the material used during manufacturing needs to be soft enough to be comfortable. Over time, this softness causes the mouthpiece to stretch, therefore reducing its effectiveness to hold the lower jaw forward. Hygiene is also a high priority, therefore replacement is recommended.

SnoreMeds™ is available in two sizes, original fit for men and small fit specifically designed for women. The packs come in a variety of sizes – Single, Double and Value pack for the specific needs of each customer. The most popular selling item in the SnoreMeds™ range is the Double Pack in both Original and Small fit sizes.

SnoreMeds™ has been successfully selling it’s anti-snoring solutions globally since 2008 with over 250 000 units sold and a large subscription of loyal, happy customers.