Description SleepPro is a clinically proven and tested class 1 medical device that has been recommended by the NHS, sleep clinics and health professionals worldwide to prevent snoring and sleep apnea.

SleepPro and partner company Meditas have been providing products aimed at stopping snoring since 1998, and with approved registration by the MHRA, Paydot are proud to provide affiliates with the opportunity to promote SleepPro, along with a 30% commission rate per sale.

Background information

It is estimated that up to 40% of the middle aged population snores, with 50% of these being men and 40% women. Studies also suggest an increased susceptibility to snoring as age increases, with the main causes being weight, smoking and alcohol.

With the detrimental effects caused by snoring such as sleep deprivation, irritability and even psychological and social damage affecting both snorers and those around them, the demand for an aid to prevent snoring is high, with an over 90,000 global monthly searches online using the phrase “stop snoring”.

SleepPro have been providing snore prevention devices since 1998 and have achieved a customer satisfaction rating of 98% – an impressive achievement in this highly competitive market.

Comfortable and affordable, with a 30 day money back guarantee SleepPro offers a range of products designed for ease of use, and with approved registration with the MRHA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency), SleepPro is certain to convert for your targeted traffic.

With a great selection of selling points and 30% commission per sale, SleepPro is a must for any affiliate keen on promoting in this profitable niche.

SleepPro has a wide selection of resources perfect for affiliates looking to profit from the stop snoring niche. Numerous banners, amateur and professional product photos, promotional leaflets, multilingual CTA graphics, newspaper clippings and discount code banners are available via the resources area offering everything an affiliate needs to make sales and generate commissions.

In addition to the wide selection of affiliate resources, SleepPro also has a YouTube channel filled with promotional product information and insightful, relevant content on sleeping, snoring and sleep apnoea – perfect for understanding the niche and embedding on your own affiliate site to engage with visitors!

Target Audience: Age: 35+ Years, Gender: 75% Male Accept affiliates: All Countries