The Salitair Salt Pipe is a lightweight and portable salt pipe inhaler which uses salt therapy to cleanse the respiratory system and calm the irritated cells for optimum respiratory health.

Salitair has helped thousands of sufferers ease the symptoms of their breathing problems including TVs Doctor Chris Steele of iTVs This Morning show!

Dr Chris is a huge fan of the Salitair Salt Pipe having used the inhaler when he suffered laryngitis and needed to get his voice back before appearing on TV. He also witnessed how the Salitair helped his secretary treat her asthma and reduce the use of steroid inhalers.

Typical treatment for asthma and many allergies is often medication which can cause a number of side effects and even dependency. But there is no need to resort to such measures when you can treat the condition with a clinically proven and drug-free device in the comfort of the home.

Sufferers from asthma, allergies or breathing problems experience an impairment in daily life activity for example hayfever may stop sufferers from enjoying the warm summer months, asthma can prevent parents from playing in the park with children, snoring can mean a lack of sleep and breathing conditions can place life-changing limitations on happiness.

With just a 15 minute treatment once a day, Salitair can help thousands of sufferers ease the symptoms of their breathing problems throughout the year.

There are two main seasons, one being the outdoor allergy season in spring/summer months, hayfever and allergy symptoms will be heightened along with asthma related triggers. When the cold autumn/winter months set in, people retreat into their homes and dust mites and indoor allergies can grow due to heating homes and other related triggers that can bring on symptoms of allergies.

There are two product offerings from Salitair:

1) The Salitair Salt Pipe device

2) Salitair Salt Refills, each 220g bottle contains enough salt for 4 months, picking up extra sells throughout the year.

A few extras

– Comes with a 30 day money back guarantee

– Same day dispatch if ordered before 4pm

– Dr Chris Steele is a huge fan of Salitair watch his review here.