Technology has given us a number of smart ways to store important data that can be retrieved as and when needed. This has surely made our lives easier. However, data can be deleted as easily as it is stored! Accidental data deletions may occur, leaving you zapped and there arises the need for data recovery.

Thankfully, today there are a number of data recovery tools that allows you to restore lost data. You will be glad to know that most of these tools come for free! So gone are the days of approaching a local computer repairer and “pleading” him to help you restore your data.

Some of you might fear that it may not be possible for yourself to do it on your own since you are not an expert in such things. But the good thing about these tools is that they come in different forms that are suitable for people with varied skills. So, even if you do not know anything with respect to recovery, you will not face any problem if you choose the correct tool.

The tools also vary depending on the type of system that you are using and the type of recovery that you need to go for.

The only thing that you need to be careful about is to make the necessary arrangements for the recovery beforehand. Here are the different purposes that a recovery tool might serve you:

  • Repairing damaged files in your system
  • Replacing missing files in the system
  • Restoring your system back to the original form by keeping the existing files unaffected

And many other benefits…

Some free recovery tools that are being commonly used these days are Pandora, Recuva, FreeUndelete and Unformat. So, get the right tool for yourself so that data recovery can be easier!