Provailen is a brand new all natural 3-in-1 formula arthritis and joint pain relief supplement from the RDK Global, the same company who runs the very successful Phen375 campaign.

Arthritis and join pain relief supplement Provailen already has a huge market in the USA alone. With such great potential, Provailen provides an exciting opportunity for affiliates of any experience.

Pain management is big business!

Changing lifestyles, an aging global population, a growing increase in surgical procedures and the increasing incidence of cancer is driving the growth in the pain management industry.

There are more than 1.5 billion people suffering from chronic pain worldwide, and the global pain management market is set to reach $60 billion by 2015, with North America and Canada leading the market sales.

With around 673,000 global monthly searches around the term “pain relief”, and “back pain relief” being the top search term in the pain relief category, Provailen could prove to be a clever choice for affiliates looking to enter this lucrative market.

Consumers in this huge market tend to have a high re-order rate and a single customer could continue buying for several years. Simply speaking, just one customer has the potential to make you literally hundreds and hundreds of dollars in commission.

Provailen pays a huge 30-40% commission per sale depending on your sales volume, so the more you sell, the more commission you earn!

To help you provide the best pre-sell possible on your site, Provailen has provided a wealth of resources for MoreNiche affiliates. You’ll find the Provailen resources area overflowing with over 100 different images ranging from 3D product images, CTA graphics, banners and PR content.

Over 70 different articles, documents and reports will provide you with extensive content with which to fill your site, and the extensive keyword research that the Provailen team has done provides you with a great start to your promotional efforts.