Printed Village are the only Fashion Brand with a growing design community.

We host monthly themed fashion design competitions, and help promote designers & artists by getting their work seen by our big retailers (Barneys, Nordstrom Anthropolgoie and more).

PV compared to competitors:

Printed Village is more than just an accessory line, we are a design community. People want to buy from us vs. competitors because they can join our community, give feedback on designs.

Heritage of our product type (scarf), and the origin of it’s fabrication process: our designs come from our studio in Boston, and from designers around the world. Owners Jason and Rachel frequently visit the Chinese factories to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

PV values

We’re always keeping the organic world in mind when we design. We are more than just selling product – we are giving designers a place to share their work, get inspired and connect to a network of like-minded artists. It’s about us, and our design community.

How our customers perceive us:

We want customers to really connect with our product through experience. Since we are all about the natural, organic world, we want people to see that in our brand. When they buy a print, it’s because that print reminds them of an amazing art deco painting they saw in their travels, or our Peruvian scarf reminds them of that small little village they visited on a hike. etc..

PV personified:

The Printed Village person, enjoys luxury though experience, not necessarily through wealth. They dress for themselves, and love things because they are beautiful, and not just because they are in trend. They love travelling and natural world as well as are open minded, and free spirited.