Plaid Parasol main goal is to give readers/shoppers exactly what they are looking for when it comes to d├ęcor and other home furnishing/beauty products without requiring them to spend hours on the internet searching different stores for it.

Plaid Parasol is an online store that sells home decor items, textiles, jewelry, beauty accessories, apparel, and many other different types of related products. The website sports the mantra Great Collections Under One Umbrella, which definitely creates the context for their unique name and approach.

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More and more people are spending money decorating their homes in a DIY fashion, as opposed to hiring professionals to do it for them. This has made for some serious forward momentum as sales of textiles such as bedding, pillows, rugs, curtains, and towels continue to bring in big retail dollars.

People who love decorating their home and making it a more beautiful and comfortable place are probably going to find that this website can cut out a lot of needless online browsing by consolidating a large selection of fine home decor products into one place.

We bring home decor & fashion together and are committed to supporting you to make money with our affiliate program. We are paying 7.5% commission on all our product sales and as of January 2014 we operate worldwide!