PainGone from Tower Health has over 3 million users worldwide benefiting from its fast and effective natural relief.There are many sufferers from chronic conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism, sciatica, osteoporosis. Each condition can be treated with conventional medication to help relieve pain but can have severe side effects, causing impairment to daily life and activity.

There are many benefits of using the PainGone Pen over other forms of relief. The ease, speed and flexibility of the PainGone have made it the preferred drug-free therapy for millions of sufferers across the globe.

No limits on usage

Being a drug-free and totally safe alternative relief treatment means it can be used as often as required. Whenever there is a twinge, ache or throb, PainGone is just a click away.

100% Natural Drug-Free Therapy

Many sufferers are worried about the risks associated with pain killers including side effects, dependency and overdose. For these pain sufferers the opportunity to ease their pain naturally with an alternative pain relief treatment is a very welcome.

Fast & Effective, Takes Just 30 Seconds

The product is ready to use, unlike other “TENS” based devices where you have to spend time attaching leads, electrodes and affixing the treatment pads. PainGone require no leads, pads or batteries to operate.

Light & Portable

PainGone is small in size which means it is easily portable, easy to keep one to hand providing effective relief treatment at all times.

Can be used Over Clothing

A great advantage of PainGone over traditional TENS machines is that it can be used over clothing. Unlike standard TENS devices there is no need to undress and no sticky gels or pads to apply. PainGone can be used directly on the skin or through clothing, meaning this alternative relief treatment can be used wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Available in two SKU’s you can earn 15% commission when you sell either one or two PainGone units.