Founded in the 1860 by the Victorian herbalist Duncan Napier, this company has a long, fascinating and successful history. Napiers is indeed one of the oldest and most popular natural healthcare and herbal medicine companies in Great Britain!

Napiers has a huge range of amazing products to choose such as natural therapeutic skincare and botanical beauty items, plant supplements, herbal remedies, teas, superfoods and many more.

This merchant pays an impressive 30% commission for each sale and offers LIFETIME cookies!

They are presumably the smallest company in Great Britian that holds THR herbal medicine licences and runs pharmaceutical-grade distribution and pharmacovigilance systems that get inspected by the MHRA regulatory agency.

Napiers motto is TRIED • TESTED • TRUSTED! They’re the perfect choice for you if you are looking to promote an original and unique brand with a variety of natural products in substitution of the standard general health/weight loss niche. Don’t miss out and start promoting one of the UK’s leading names in natural health care!