Peroxide free home teeth whitening kit Mint Cosmetics pays up to 40% commission per sale and provides a great opportunity for affiliates to enter the home teeth whitening niche.

With attractive design and branding, Mint Cosmetics is a popular choice for our affiliates.

Background information

Cosmetic dentistry is the biggest growing area in dentistry and statistics show that in recent years, tooth whitening procedures have increased by an incredible 300%.

The growing desire for the perfect smile ensures that the demand for this market continues to grow, with the tooth whitening market now worth approximately £40 million.

Designed to give faster results than competitors, the Sodium Perborate based gel formula unique to Mint Cosmetics enables a far more rapid usage time than with other home kits typically containing Carbamide or Hydrogen Peroxide. Each Mint Cosmetics pack offers one of the best customised mouth guards available on the market, 4 x 3 ml gel dispensers giving 48 separate applications, a precise applicator tip allowing for accurate and efficient gel use, fully comprehensive instructions and a 28 day money back guarantee.

With such a fantastic selection of selling points, 30-40% commission on all sales and numerous resources, this brand is a must for any affiliate promoting in this profitable niche.