MaxRoot is a aromatic hair gel that naturally volumizes and darkens hair. Effective for both men and women, MaxRoot is made from 100% organic citrus fruit extract.

MaxRoot is a 100% natural cosmetic hair root massage gel that volumizes and darkens hair, relieves persistently itchy scalps, and prevents the formation of dandruff. Made from 100% organic citrus fruit extract, MaxRoot lets you forever avoid the harmful chemicals in hair dyes. This breakthrough gel will give your hair a full-bodied look and restore your original hair color from years ago. MaxRoot safely and gently adds significant volume, while reversing white or greying hair. Recently introduced into the United States, this successful product is internationally recognized to be effective for both men and women. From root-to-tip, your hair will naturally look and feel great. Discover healthy, beautiful hair the 100% natural and organic way!

MaxRoot stimulates hair roots with healthy treatments of nature’s best nutrients for hair, including vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B12, C, E, biotin, and protein. When massaged into the scalp, this powerful vitamin elixir goes deep down into follicles to rejuvenate the roots. The secret to its success is the citrus superfruit that MaxRoot is derived from, known as the makrut lime (citrus hystrix). Native to Southeast Asian countries, this aromatic lime has long been used in Thailand to make hair silky, clean, and pleasantly scented. The makrut lime extract in MaxRoot maximizes the power of your roots, giving you full-bodied hair and restoring grey and white hair to its original color. This natural and organic gel gives you the ability to obtain vibrant hair without using dyes and chemicals that may negatively affect your health. MaxRoot surpassed stringent standards to earn an official Organic Certification from the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives in Thailand. This certificate verifies that all of the makrut limes used in MaxRoot are organically grown. Free from any pesticides, the farms are located in Thailand’s countryside, far away from any major city or population. The laboratory where MaxRoot is produced is GMP and ISO Certified by the Food and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Public Health. Strict guidelines are met as every batch of MaxRoot is tested at least 3 times to prevent bacterial contamination. MaxRoot is for any individual that wants naturally thicker and darker hair. In addition, customers observe that the gel soothes the scalp, providing relief from itching and eliminating dandruff. This unique and aromatic product will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. For women, it nourishes and treats hair roots to bring to life new hair that is shiny, smooth, and beautiful with fabulous volume. For men, MaxRoot activates hair roots to stop recessing hair lines, balding, patching, and even reverses those processes by causing the regrowth of thicker, fuller hair. When applied to facial hair, it works to thicken and darken eyebrows, mustaches, and beards.

The longer you use MaxRoot, the greater the results. Most customers see positive results in 1-2 months. An independent study was performed by a leading Japanese cosmetic company to research the efficacy of MaxRoot. The result of the study found that 54% of participants reported noticeably darker hair, 55% reported less hair loss and increased volume, 73% stopped experiencing itchiness, and 56% had their dandruff disappear. None of the volunteers experienced any side effects and they all said that they would recommend MaxRoot to friends and family.

Own a beauty salon, barber shop, or massage spa? You may boost sales by adding MaxRoot to your product line. You can also ramp up business by offering MaxRoot massage treatments. Include this service to increase your clientele base and improve loyalty, as customers get to enjoy the wonderful fragrance during a pleasant scalp massage. Each tube of MaxRoot is good for 3 massage treatments, and depending on the customer’s needs the massages take about 10 minutes. After the massage, you may give your customers the remaining tube or schedule an appointment for another scalp massage in the next 3-5 days.