If you would like to know more about Java, check out the Teach Yourself Java in 21 Days site at Sams Publishing http://www.mcp.com/sams. Nobody knows for sure how the Web will evolve from here, but the “global desktop” might radically alter how we use computers to work and communicate.

Java is an Internet programming language developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc. and integrated within the browsers. The beauty and potential power of Java is radical, in that, instead of downloading an application to perform some task (like playing Doom), or instead of loading a large application to do simple task (such as using Microsoft Works to do simple budgets), these small Java programs (called applets) downloaded to your PC as part of Web page, then “throw it away” when you’re done. The excitement around Java comes from how Java allows the browser to act like Windows, and ultimately could replace the need for all the programs you have on your PC (so that you only use what you need). If you use a program every day (such as a word processor), you can buy it and load it as you do today, and if you very rarely use a program (such as a presentation program), you can “borrow” it from the network, perform your task, and throw it out, saving valuable disk space and money!

The Java home page is located at http://www.javasoft.com, and it should have all the latest developments on this hot, new technology. If you’re looking for sites to sample, the place to go is Gamelan at http://www.gamelan.com Gamelan is the complete online directory to Java sites and resources.