The kind of services which enable a person or an organisation use the internet via the World Wide Web is known as a web hosting service. There are companies whose main service is providing space on a server which is owned or leased by a client. These companies also serve Internet connection in data centers. Hosting free website is also one of the important services of these companies. Co-location takes place when they provide connectivity to other servers in the data center.

The National Science Foundation’s bold decision to lift the ban on commercial restrictions prompted traffic from commercial networks to start using its NSFNET internet backbone network. Used earlier only for the purpose of education and research, NSFNET allowed companies to use the Internet to serve their profit-making motives. The launch of the World Wide Web by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN happened at the same juncture. Thus NSFNET’s stay in this business was cut short and the World Wide Web became the go-to solution to access the Internet. The number of people using the Internet saw a huge rise. With it multiplied the level of commercial activity conducted via the Internet thus causing a surge in web hosting services. Many companies who are not Internet service providers need access to the web for daily business deals or sending across files and related information. The company, in this case, has to rely on a company as a web host in order to carry on online transactions. If the structure of your site is a complex one, you would be in need of a package that supports huge databases and application platforms like Java and ASP.NET. Customers have the option of installing scripts for driving such applications.

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