Hifas da Terra is a Biotechnology company offering the widest range of organic products from health supplements to skincare to gourmet foods. All our products are made from a natural resource with great medicinal benefits: mushrooms.

Our products are very unique in the market and we are already very successful in Spain, where our products can be found at top department stores, organic shops as well as online.

We also sell in France, Italy and Germany and only recently we came to the UK to promote our brand and products here. We’re investing in raising our brand awareness, so you’ll see great results from selling our products. Also, we’re an organic company so we’re looking for publishers that have an interest and really value organic products, innovation and natural health therapies.

Our products have helped many people already with food allergies or intolerances, as well as more serious diseases such as IBS. The health properties of mushrooms are not very well known, but we’re working very hard to educate our target audiences about the benefits of introducing mushrooms into their daily diets as a booster of the immune system and regulator of the digestive system. 

Apart from being unique products, our brand and packaging has also been praised by many consumers and we have been featured in many health, beauty and organic food publications in the UK.

You can find out more in our website. We just need your help to make this a great success story in the UK and worldwide. We’d love to work with you and hope you also love our products. We’re very passionate about science, innovation, health, the environment and building a sustainable business and our values perspire through everything we do.