Grondyke Soap deals with All Natural Soaps for men with an attitude amplifying formula infused. We combine a all natural vegan ingredients and a bio hack to enhance your winning male attitude.

In a sea of online offerings to promote, finding an unsaturated and unique product that adds value to the customer’s life, can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. is a very unique company with a unique type of product. Our team is dedicated to bringing our affiliates and customers the best soap combined with our most effective pheromone formulas to give you the winning edge in all areas of the male experience. Our formulas are developed by a Clinical Psychologist who did his post graduate work studying the effects of various molecules on human behavior. Our “Fight Club” inspired soap aptly named Durden, is a first in adding a pheromone bio hack formula designed to amplify traits that we admire in other men.

Durden amplifies: Masculinity, calm under pressure, Alpha status, attractiveness to women, Leadership, combined with a bit of mischief. Our supply chain is solid. Our ability to provide high volumes of product are proven. We are 100% committed to providing top level customer service to all of our customers. We consider out customers a community, not a one and done sales opportunity. We consider our affiliates as our partners and will service your account with the utmost respect and rapid response to requests will be the rule, not the exception. We look forward to speaking with you and assisting you with bringing Soap 2.0 to your traffic. This business is our passion and we look forward to a very mutually beneficial relationship with you. People that purchase our soap, rarely order just one bar. Our average order is $30+.