Powerful rechargeable sonic toothbrush with UV sanitiser. Flossonic unique Bristleflare® technology reaches where normal bristles can’t, giving you all the benefits of flossing while you brush, saving you time and hassle, and any other excuse you’ve ever used for not flossing.

Flossonic is the only toothbrush in the world that flosses as it brushes utilising NEW BristleFlare technology. Clinically proven. Over 40% of dental disease is preventable by flossing and most people do not floss very well, if at all. Flossonic could revolutionise dental care by reducing the incidents of dental disease by up to 40%.

What makes Flossonic different from other sonic toothbrushes?

Like every other sonic toothbrush, the Flossonic vibrates rapidly imparting energy to the fluids that surround your teeth, creating waves of pressure and minute bubbles that are propelled with enough force to dislodge debris and plaque.

Unlike other sonic toothbrushes, the Flossonic combines this tried-and-tested technology with a brush head that has fine filaments that reach in between your teeth enabling those bubbles to get into the areas that other brushes can’t. We call this unique design Bristleflare®.

Quite simply, the Flossonic gives you a closer clean that provides the full effect of flossing.