CoZone Adult Onesies are intended to be the most comfortable, yet functional garment you own, complete with butt flap! CoZone USA styles are 100% Made in the USA, while CoZone Global styles are easier on the wallet.

Earn 25% commission selling premium quality adult onesies! With a retail price of $99.95-$139.95, you’ll walk away with around $20+ per sale, depending on the discount offered to the customer.

You know of the growing trend in adult onesies, and CoZone is on the cutting edge of both quality and functionality. We’ve even included a one of a kind zippered butt flap! Slightly Ridiculous, Extremely Comfortable, that’s the CoZone adult onesie, and your site visitors will be thrilled you showed it to them. All styles are unisex, with easy to reference size charts on every product page.

Why CoZone?

  1. We offer CoZone USA styles, which are 100% Made in the USA from the cotton seed to the final stitch! We also offer CoZone Global styles, which are a little easier on the wallet.
  2. Made of sweatshirt fleece, it’s as if your favorite sweatshirt grew legs and swallowed you up. It’s loose fitting so it remains comfortable, even when sitting and shifting around on a couch or chair.
  3. Zippered side pockets mean you can easily throw cash and keys in your pocket and be off to the store without changing clothes!
  4. The Butt-Flap will come in handy at just the right time, and the unique cover makes it appear as pockets from a distance rather than an unsightly butt zipper.
  5. The cuffs on the wrists and ankles mean it will stay where it should even though it’s loose fitting!
  6. Handwarmer pockets in the front mean it’s easy to store a cell phone or some chapstick while sitting on the couch relaxing in front of the TV.

We provide image ads for you to use in all the common sizes, and will assist you when necessary in representing the product accurately for your site visitors.

Join the adult onesie craze with CoZone!

*At this time we only ship within the 50 United States of America.

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CoZone won an Award from American Express Inc. at the end of 2013. You can reference it this way: The CoZone Adult Onesie was selected Grand Prize Winner in the American Express #PassionProject Contest in 2013.