Human life is the most precious thing on earth; something which money can never buy. But to prevent harmful diseases from getting the better of the human body, one has to invest money. Something of this sort is involved when donations are required. Blood donation is extremely common and is held every Sunday at some place or the other. An excellent initiative, it is not always possible to transfer blood, especially when it comes to people who live below the poverty line. Cord blood donations too are in practice for a long time now, but the cost of this is extremely high. Let us take a look at what it actually is and why it is so high.

There are quite a few companies in the United States of America that offer public Cord Blood banking and several others that offer private cord blood banking. On the other hand, private blood banking, which is offered by several companies are extremely expensive, ranging between $1400-$ 2300, for collecting, testing and registering only. The storing of the samples cost an additional amount on a yearly basis.

One must be wondering why the cord blood banking cost is so high. According to a doctor in the United States of America, cord blood banking involves a lot of tests, results and for that, extremely talented doctors are needed. Since the tests involve a lot of equipments to be used, the cost is sky-high too. Though private companies take care of the procedure better than the public officials do, the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) suggests that people should go for public cord blood banking instead of the private one, in order to reduce the cost, ensuring treatment for everybody.

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