Conference Call Services form the pillar of the exchange of information in every organisation. Their contribution towards uplifting the standard of communication and easing the process of data sharing and transfer can never be underestimated. Previously, it used to be prevalent in only the huge brands and among the people at leading positions of those organisations. However, the scenario has changed today. Conference call services are important today for every organisation and at every level of the same. Here is the A-Z of conference call services.

With the advancement of technology, free conference calls are now largely prevalent in various organisations. A number of platforms like Hangouts, Skype, FreeBridge, Rehuddle, Free Conference Calling and OpenVoice help you to make it possible.

Not only in the corporate sector, are Conference Call Services of equal importance in the case of social gathering and events too.

There can be different types of conference calls depending on the arrangements used for calling. They can be done using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol which enables voice communication and multimedia sessions), using cell phones or even by using the traditional landlines.

Conference Calling Services based on landlines are believed to be the most reliable ones. They are the most hassle-free option and require only the basic requirements- the telephone and the cables. The disadvantage is that the long-distance calls are a bit too costly if used.

Cell phones are a much better, portable and flexible option. However, their sound quality may vary depending on your location and on the place where your call goes.

VoIP calls are also very common today. You just need a good internet connection and you will be able to make free conference calls to wherever you feel like (provided that the other end has similar arrangements). Conduct free audio conferencing both nationally and internationally