To get the very latest news and information on a Sunday morning,  visit  CNN Interactive site.  The Web page, maintained by the 24-hour cable news channel, will provide you with the kind of timely headlines that no newspaper can even hope to deliver.

CNN Interactive provides you with all top U.S. and world news in an easy-to-access and easy-to-read format. The name CNN is synonymous with top quality news reporting, and their Web site is no exception. The page contains a host of links to a wise variety of topical areas and shows. The site carries complete transcripts to all the programs CNN carries, from the various news shows to Larry King Live and Crossfire. You con also access comprehensive scheduling information for the cable channel.

Most of the news stories carried on the CNN Interactive site are accompanied by Multimedia complements in the way of photos or video clips. Photos accompany many stories as thumbnails that act as links to full-size images.

The first part of CNN Interactive changes constantly to refresh and update information as it happens.