BookingKhazan is India’s No 1 leading travel portal offering 24/7 customer support and best services of domestic and international air tickets, national and international hotel bookings and local bus ticket bookings.We started our business in 2013 with the main objective to make travel easier! There was a gap in this market and nobody really stood […]

Maybe your travel ambitions aren’t so worldly, and all you want to do is take a plane from Atlanta to New York and need to get the schedule for business or pleasure. Travelocity hooks you into the latest information, including the best flight schedules, prices, rental cars, and hotel accommodations.The beauty of is its […]


After you’ve seen Britain, you’ll probably want to take a look at France. Don’t let the friction between the natives of the two countries prevent you from exploring both on the Web. The Franceway site  is Java-enhanced and has a good deal of multimedia links to help explore France.The Franceway site has many maps of […]

The Armchair Travel Company

If you want to take a quick trip across the sea without leaving your desk, take a look at Armchair Travel.  The site provides some immersive virtual travel experiences for Web surfers.