Apple’s Quick Time

QuickTime plug-in means that you can now view video clips as part of the Web page itself, creating a virtual TV environment. The Quick Time plug-in gives you the same level of control over the playback of a movie as with your VCR. The plug-in is available from Apple at


RealAudio provides a plug-in that gives you access to real-time audio embedded within a Web page. Companies such as National Public Radio ( have used this program to set up virtual radio broadcasts across the Web! The plug-in and sites using it are available from progressive Networks at


WebFX is a VRML (virtual reality modeling language) browser plug-in that adds three-dimensional viewing capability. You can fly, walk, and step through virtual 3-D worlds right from your browser (anything from a virtual tour of a house, to a virtual test drive of a car). The plug-in and plenty of cool sites to try it […]


Plug-ins are small add-ons that can be integrated into a program in order to extend the capabilities of the browser. In the “old days” you could view information that your browser did not understand by downloading “helper application”, which ran separate from your browser, and required opening up another application – what you lost was […]

Putting Archie to Work

Want to find a specific file? Good news! There is a master database of every filename in every public FTP archive in the world. Even better, copies of it are maintained on many different servers around the globe. This database is called Archie (a pun on “archive”). A list of every ArchiePlex Server can be […]

Subject Directories

(The Directory of Virtual Libraries) at is essentially a “directory of directories.” It lists all the major subject-oriented guides to the World Wide Web and the Internet in one place. (The word “directory” here is used to mean a compendium, as in ordinary English, rather than the technical meaning of “directory folder on a […]

Shockwave and Java Alternative

Shockwave is a plug-in for Netscape from Macromedia that provides the capability to view Macromedia Director Movies as inline animations or interactive applications from within the browser window. The Shockwave plug-in is available from Macromedia home page at Director movies are animations and interactive multimedia applications that are limited only by the creative ability […]

Helper Applications

Helper applications are programs that you configure to use as viewers. File types are normally identified by the last three digits of the filename. There are different file types for graphics, sound, and video files, among others. An excellent resource for finding helper apps for a particular file is Stroud’s Consummate Winsock Apps List that […]

Java Applets and JavaScript

If you would like to know more about Java, check out the Teach Yourself Java in 21 Days site at Sams Publishing Nobody knows for sure how the Web will evolve from here, but the “global desktop” might radically alter how we use computers to work and communicate.Java is an Internet programming language developed […]