Groei360 introduces a new solution to this problem with its ability to treat the underlying causes of hair loss – an imbalance of the nutrients, moisture, circulation and flora of the scalp caused by hormonal, environmental and chemical factors. The hair loss industry is big business. Whether you are looking to expand the range you […]

Black Sea Cosmetics

Black Sea Cosmetics is pleased to offer high quality products for thalassotherapy and aroma /phytotherapy, having multifunctional action with a cosmetic, preventive and healing effect. Suitable for usage in SPAs, Wellness, physiotherapy and fitness centers, sports medicine, spa centers, parlours, saunas and at home. Effective cosmetic products aimed at aesthetic aromatherapy, thalassotherapy and phytotherapy. Affect […]

MaxRoot – Hair Serum

MaxRoot is a aromatic hair gel that naturally volumizes and darkens hair. Effective for both men and women, MaxRoot is made from 100% organic citrus fruit extract. MaxRoot is a 100% natural cosmetic hair root massage gel that volumizes and darkens hair, relieves persistently itchy scalps, and prevents the formation of dandruff. Made from 100% […]

Grondyke Soap

Grondyke Soap deals with All Natural Soaps for men with an attitude amplifying formula infused. We combine a all natural vegan ingredients and a bio hack to enhance your winning male attitude. In a sea of online offerings to promote, finding an unsaturated and unique product that adds value to the customer’s life, can be […]