Blue white and grey is an online lifestyle store, offering the latest fashion trends and accessories across surf, snow, skate, outdoors and lifestyle industries. Fusing a bespoke collection of brands, our aim is to showcase up-and-coming labels whilst continuing to support a selection of well established, industry favourites.

Carefully handpicked by a dedicated team of surfers, snowboarders and skateboarders, our retail platform spanning both men’s and women’s product categories, offers essentials from brands including Analog, Mink Pink, Afends, Rhythm, Volcom, WESC, RVCA and Passenger.

A collaboration of simplicity and functionality, our store captures leading trends, whilst offering customers a finely tuned retail experience. Differentiating from larger online retailers, we pride ourselves on our unique brand selection and concise product range. Our store brings customers fresh new styles alongside wardrobe must haves. Encompassing robust winter coats, relaxed knits, stylish denim, eye-catching tee’s and cosy beanies (among a range of other products), our portfolio of products ensures customers are looking good on the beach, the slopes and the street.

Our online store has a very strong and loyal social media following which we can use to promote affiliate offers to. Not only will this help to drive affiliate sales, but will offer any affiliate further exposure from working alongside us. Across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram we have just under 40,000 active followers which regularly visit our website.

Moving forward we are looking to grow out product and brand portfolio which will attract additional visitors and revenue through our website. We are a growing business and consequently our search engine brand search queries are growing every month, so running a brand bidding campaign is likely to convert well for your business.

The co-owners of are both keen surfers, snowboarders and skateboarders so have an active interest in the industry. The website was born out of frustration of not being able to easily find the products and brands they we’re looking for online. Simon (co-owner) specialises in online marketing and web development, while Emma (co-owner) has worked in events for the last 10 years. They use their combined marketing and networking skillset to drive forward.

In terms of sales and territories, our main markets are currently the UK, US and Australia, although we are growing in popularity throughout Western Europe. And ship worldwide. Our website offer 5 different currencies (GBP, CAD, USD, AUD, EUR) to shop with, but we can easily add new currencies if you believe that will help you convert visitors better.

We currently achieve 5k-6k visitors a month to our website and are looking to double this by the end of the year with the help of affiliates. We have a modest conversion rate of between 2.5% and 3% and our average order value is between £50 and £60. As an affiliate with a 15% commission you could look to make on average £7.50 to £9 for every sale achieved through That said, our products prices range from a £25 t-shirt all the way up to a £200 coat, so commissions could be a lot higher. Furthermore, we have lifetime cookies in place which means working with us could be one of your biggest earners to date.

CONTENT: If you are running any specific offers or discounts with us our creative team will provide you with all the banners and imagery you need to communicate with your audience.

VOUCHER CODES: Our website integrates with our affiliate network (PayDot), which means that we can track sales on voucher codes.

COMMISSION: We offer a 15% commission to all affiliates for any sales attributed to them.

PPC: We allow affiliates to bid on our brand name and send traffic direct to our site. This will help you drive sales and earn more commission.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: • Affiliates are not permitted to buy domains or use landing pages that represent or pass off as Forbidden examples of domains are shown below: –

  • Affiliates are not permitted to put our website into frames.
  • Pop up / pop-under cookie stuffing is not allowed and will result in your account getting suspended.